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We maintain quality standards in delivering the raw milk, milked from Desi cows by using the traditional process of milking the animals by hand. Our animals in the farm are fed with natural, home-grown, pesticide and fertilizer free grass, fodder. No kind of hormonal injections are given to our desi animals.

Warm Milk & Pack instant after Milking

After obtaining the farm-fresh raw milk, we instantly make filter and packed. This process make you feel the originality of the Cow Milk

Daily Delivery

Speedy Delivery – As our product is fresh raw and raw milk, we deliver it to your doorstep within 2 hours from our farms in Chennai. Hence, with Classic milk, you will enjoy the best nutrition and wellness of milk directly from the Nature..

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Classic Milk?

Classic Milk is Pure A2 Desi Cow Milk that is Raw and unprocessed. Milk is from own farm. and Country breed of Village Cows a different subspecies of cows that produce the healthy A2 milk as opposed the regular species like Holstein Friesians and Jersey cows that produce the harmful A1 milk

2. How are the cows milked?

Our Cows gives the best milk. As per our traditional methods, calves are first fed. Then cows are cleaned and milked using clean hands. Milking using machines are known to cause pain to the cows and we strictly don’t allow methods that cause harm to the cows.

3. How is the milk quality?

We test our milk regularly and post our test reports. Rest assured we want our customers to experience the real milk.

4. Is Classic Milk certified?

Yes, Classic Milk is certified by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)
5. How do I order milk?

You can provide your information through our website or Contact us in phone, and we will call and confirm your order.

6. I need extra milk for a couple of days. How do I do this?

You can do whatsapp (8939925007) about your requirements the previous day itself.

7. How do I pay?

We will share you the invoice at the end of month through whatsapp or in person. Our Bank account details are mentioned in the invoice , You may transfer either pay in cash.

8. What are the delivery timings?

Fresh and warm milk will be delivered at your doorsteps between 7am and 8:30am daily by based on your daily subscription.

Daily Subscription


Raw Milk Prices

One Ltr - ₹ 60

Half Ltr - ₹ 30

** For COD No Extra Charges

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Available Locations and Stores

S# Locations
1 Velacherry
2 Baby Nagar
3 Taramani
5 Shollinganallur
6 Medavakkam
7 Sithalappakam
8 Chrompet
S# Stores
1 Taramani - Shopper's Paradise
2 Velacherry - Periyandavar
3 Velacherry - Bala Super Market
4 Taramani - Tara Super Market
5 Sithalapakkam - AAJ Super Market
6 Sithalapakkam - Kurinji Super Market
7 Sithalapakkam - Kurinji Super Maket
8 Chrompet - Sathya Super Market

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Chennai's Classic Milk
Plot No.5&6, Mullai Nagar,
Vijay Avenue, 3rd Street,
Sithalapakkam, Chennai - 600126.

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044 - 29815055

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+91-89399 25007